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This week we are joined by Larz once again from Episode #1 of our show to check in with him and talk about his growth on Twitch, his trip to TwitchCon 2018, and we answered some controversial questions about streaming such as 'Follow for Follow' and showing sub goal count or not. We had a blast as always with him. Make sure to support him at the links below!


This week we are joined by Jason aka MasterSitak for his second episode with the boys. We check in with him on all the stuff he is up to including his new co-owner spot of Team LiViD, his experience at TwitchCon, and the trips he's been on with his job. Another great one and I recommend everyone check this one out. Check him out at the links below!

This week we are joined by APM streamers: KiddSisco, KilroyKilljoy, and HurricaneTron so they can share their experiences from TwitchCon 2018. We talk about everything from the lines, to the parties, to the convention itself. Please check out the streamers at our website and check out their personal social media and Twitch channels at the links below!


Today we are joined by Skullstream, a partnered variety streamer on the Twitch platform. With his newfound knowledge in audio/video design, he has skyrocketed himself into partnership within just a few months of going full time. We talk to him about his previous job in accounting, his stream transitions/visual fx/rigged skull cartoon character, and we also talk about fishing(random I know). Make sure to check out Skullstream at the links below!

On today's episode, we are joined by the one and only GameFester. He is an up and coming streaming on Twitch platform. As well as being a variety streamer, he does a pretty damn good Donald Trump and Kermit the Frog impression. We really sit down and get to know what he's like behind the stream, even getting as deep as talking about his favorite porn site. Check him out at the links below!

Discord: gamefester#3243

This week, the boys are joined by Maggie May, Marketing and Community Manager at North Star Games. We talk about their first breakthrough into the digital gaming market with their upcoming game, Evolution. We also talk about the inner workings of indie game development and conventions. Make sure to check out North Star Games at the links below!




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This week the boys are joined by Cory Missildine aka MissildineOnline. He is a popular YouTube WoW streamer that also adds some variety of other games into his lineup. We talk to him about reaction videos and why they are so popular, World of Warcraft, and we also discuss Twitch streaming vs YouTube streaming as it is something that Cory has been debating. Check him out at the links below!


This week, the boys are joined by up and coming streamer, Corokov. We talk to him about making your name up with name generators, the new Spiderman game, and dying after retirement. Make sure to support Corokov in whatever way you can at the links below!



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