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This week we are joined by the hilarious Seth aka zswiggs, Twitch streamer and host of the Seth and Colby Show. To say this guy is funny is an understatement. We talk about memes that we are too old to understand, Ninja's New Year stream, and Bungie(before they split from Activision). We also talked about how Activision are blood sucking vampires. So make sure to send some love Seth's way at the links below!



This week we are joined by Nick aka Gremlin785 to talk about his stream, the NFL, and we sit down the last half of the podcast to discuss 'partner pushing.' It is a very controversial topic in the Twitch community on whether it is good or bad. We sit down and discuss both sides to the conversation and I think we all learned something from it.


This week we are joined by Adam Schultz, host of the Water Cooler Talk Podcast. He is a self-made marketer that works with musical artists, etc on marketing their content. We talk to him about his podcast, where he produces an amazing comedy news episode with or without a guest. We talk about his favorite news story, bidets and why they will change your life, and we talk about 2019 goals. Make sure to check out everything he does at the link below.




This week we are joined by James Baker, host of the Pop Cult Net podcast and YouTube channel. He discusses everything to do with pop culture on his podcast and YouTube channel and we bring a little bit of that onto our podcast this week. We try a new This or That segment with TV shows, we talk about anime, pop culture, and best looking movies of 2019. Make sure to check him and his content out at the links below!


On this weeks episode, we get to chat it up with the awesome Christopher Clever. We talk to him about his Twitch streamer community Clever Nation, social media irks, 2018 Game Awards, and his twin Adam Savage. We had a wonderful time with a lot of great discussions! Be sure and stop by and tell him hello!

This week the boys are joined by the lovely Fawnnne, an affiliate on the Twitch platform. We talk to her about the horror genre, Harry Potter, and we put her social media titles through Urban Dictionary for some extra laughs. We really enjoyed our time with Fawnnne so definitely make sure to show her some love at the links below!

This week the boys are joined by Mazion, a delightful and beardtastic streaming partner on the Twitch platform. We talk about his switch from making YouTube videos to going full-time on Twitch, the ARK: Extinction DLC, and the flat earth theory. It was a blast sitting down with Mazion and having a discussion so make sure to support him and show him the love at the links below!

This week we are joined by James Buckley, podcast host of the "Superhero Strength Podcast" that is centered around speaking with the trainers, nutritionists, and stunt doubles of superhero actors like Ben Affleck, Chris Hemsworth, etc. Today we talk to him about training, Australia, and of course superheroes. RIP Stan Lee. Make sure to check out the Superhero Strength Podcast and James Buckley at the links below!


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