apm streamers


Who am I? Zarreta. Life liver, go doer. Saying I’m a LOTR fan is a simple understatement. Most unusual thing on my desk: flint and tinder. Why? I’m trying to get on Survivor. I also love writing. There’s something about creating an effective sentence that gives me fulfilment. I’m a Mercy main in Overwatch, an avid creator in Planet Coaster, and an experimenter in the Sims (par fa hmm yah and en blastema).


I'm KilroyKilljoy! I'm a gamer and overall dork. Lover of all things geeky! I'm no MLGNOSCOPE360 player, but I enjoy gaming so much and I hope you'll enjoy it with me!


Hurricane tron

A guy from Colorado that likes to play games! I play a wide array of games on PC, PlayStation, and Switch. My channel strives to be a friendly, fun, and interactive place to enjoy all types of games. Lets build a community together so we can share our common interest and love for games!



Hey everyone! My name is Matthew but I go by KiddSisco to the interwebs world. I started streaming back in August of 2017. I went full time straight out the gate and have been lucky enough so far to be able to continue doing that simply because this community is amazing. I'm also here though because I share the same passion for gaming as a lot of you do! I've been gaming ever since the NES days back before I could even sit up!