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Who am I? Zarreta. Life liver, go doer. Saying I’m a LOTR fan is a simple understatement. Most unusual thing on my desk: flint and tinder. Why? I’m trying to get on Survivor. I also love writing. There’s something about creating an effective sentence that gives me fulfilment. I’m a Mercy main in Overwatch, an avid creator in Planet Coaster, and an experimenter in the Sims (par fa hmm yah and en blastema).



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I'm KilroyKilljoy! I'm a gamer and overall dork. Lover of all things geeky! I'm no MLGNOSCOPE360 player, but I enjoy gaming so much and I hope you'll enjoy it with me!


Hurricane tron


A guy from Colorado that likes to play games! I play a wide array of games on PC, PlayStation, and Switch. My channel strives to be a friendly, fun, and interactive place to enjoy all types of games. Lets build a community together so we can share our common interest and love for games!